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Example frontpage imageHello and Welcome to Circle B Farms. This is just a little history about us, and what we do at Circle B Farms. In 1986 & 1987 we planted the first 700 Highbush Blueberries bushes on the farm in Caribou, Maine just as a hobby. In August of 1990 we opened the first, “You Pick” Highbush Blueberry orchard in Aroostook County.
Over the years we have enjoyed serving the people of Caribou and surrounding towns. It seems that people like it out here, or just like to pick and eat Highbush Blueberries. They keep coming back and they bring more friends with them every time they come, that is fine with us. The problem was that we were running out of Blueberries. What do I do?? Think and Think hard. IDEA!! 
In summer of 2001 we hatched a plan. LET’S PLANT MORE BLUEBERRIES! So we did.  Now in 2013 we have just over 10 acres planted to Highbush Blueberries and we service most local grocery stores from Houlton to Fort Kent, Maine, Fresh when in season.   YES, you can still pick your own blueberries if you like, not a problem. 

In 2012 we installed a freezer.  Now we offer our Highbush Blueberries frozen fresh. Here at the farm, and in your local grocery store frozen section while supplies last. Look for the Circle B Farms logo on 1 quart bags, of frozen Highbush Blueberries heat sealed for food safety. Same great berries frozen fresh, just for you! 

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We also have a bulk, #10 lb or #30 lb box for your home freezer. Bulk boxes also works great for schools, or any large kitchen.  We will deliver large orders.    

Circle B Farms is the largest Highbush Blueberry farm north of Bangor, Me

You may ask yourself, why plant Highbush Blueberries in Maine there is some 50,000 or so acres of Wild Blueberries already there?? Let me tell yea. I will say right- up-front. There is nothing wrong with Wild Blueberries from Maine or any other area. Caribou, Maine is 180 miles north of wild berry country.  Just for your convenience, saving you a long drive and all that gas. We planted Very Cold Hardy varieties in Caribou. 
The other reason was that Highbush Blueberries are BIG in size. We have some Blueberries as big as a quarter. Most run the size of a nickel, depending on the variety, that makes for easy picking. The bushes at Circle B Farms are 3 to 6 feet tall and planted in rows for easy access. 

We have 9 varieties that are yielding us the highest quality blueberries possible. We also have more varieties that we are testing for future plantings, some of which are doing better than others.  So, come on over to Circle B Farms and pick all the Highbush Blueberries you can carry. If you want more than you can carry we will get you a wagon, and some one to pull it if need be. 

Circle B Farms uses I.P.M. for pest control.  I.P.M. is ( Integrated Pest Management )  This means we do field scouting for pests and diseases, spray only when needed. We use natural methods and organic products first. We only take the next step when all else fails.  
We have amenities available such as; rest rooms, soda machine, water on tap, picnic tables, and shade if you want to sit for a bit and visit or take in the view. In addition, we also have blueberries pre-picked. We have plenty of parking and are handicapped accessible. 

Bring a picnic lunch, spend some time and just    unwind.   Fresh air and sunshine are free! 

On the right day, you could see an Eagle!!

Poke around the web site and you will see some of what we do. Check out the health facts. Blueberries are good for you and fun to pick too.  I hope to see you in the Blueberry field. We are open no later than August 1st every year and stay open until the Apples are all gone, in October.  We may take a short break and by November 20 or so, we are back at it and getting ready to cut Christmas Holly!! Ho, Ho, Ho!!

Keep an eye on the schedule page to see what is in season!!

Bean Hole Beans:  Should be ready for Saturday at 1:00 weather permitting through the Blueberry and Apple picking season. Call 498-8238 for schedule on beans.


We planted a few Apple trees back in 2006 and 2009 now we offer you pick apples in September and October. Just for the fun of it we planted another 200 Apple trees in the spring of 2012. Just to make sure we do not run out! This is a young orchard and the trees are small for now. Honeycrisp is our biggest seller, we also have Zestar, Cortland, Snow sweet, with a few McIntosh & Yellow Transparent. If you are here on the right day, you may be able to pick a few Pears!! Yes, Pears in Caribou. (Only 6 trees.)


We ship fresh Blueberries & Apples by Priority Mail every Monday & Tuesday throughout the harvest season (normal shipping time is 2 to 4 days depending on your location). 



We have had a small elderberry patch for some time now.  In the fall of 2012 we started to expand the elderberry side of things. Elderberries will be available fresh when season and frozen while supplies last. They are great for jelly, juice, wine, and sauce, among other things.  Some even say elderberries are good for you.

Circle B Farms makes no health food claims with any of our products. Just do your research and you be the judge.



Holly (Holly is used to decorate the house for the Christmas season). We start cutting holly around November 15 or so. Holly is available at the farm and in a few local grocery stores over the holiday season.

  You can order Blueberry & Holly bushes all year around. If you wish to plant your own, we also have apple trees for sale too.


Buy from your local farmer!!

It is just good food safety to support your local farms. When you do, you know where your food comes from.  Spend some time at the farm talk to your grower, he or she will answer your questions if he or she is not on a dead run in pursuit of resolving the next daily crises. We hire local help when available.  You will be supporting the local economy, and save on food miles as well.  

(Food miles, is how far did your food travel before it gets to your table?)

It is a long ride from here to Mexico, or California think of the fuel wasted to get it here from other lands.

Buying local, when you can, may give someone you know a job!!     

We want you “Our Customers” to know how much our family appreciates you coming to our farm. As a family farm, we survive only through your continued support. Please tell your friends and neighbors about our Circle B Family Farm. Please let us know what we can do to serve you better.  Thank you,  

Sam & Patty Blackstone and family 

Circle B Farms


When ordering berries or plants on line we welcome Visa & Master Card.  For your safety and ours we do not take credit cards on line. Put your phone number in your Email and I will call you for credit card info. Thank you


Email us at: circlebfarms04@hotmail.com When sending Email please put Blueberries, Apples, or Holly. In the subject box so I know it is from the web site Thank you.

Sorry, NO PETS in the Blueberry field or Apple orchard during the harvest season. We need to keep the fields clean, and ecoli free for your health & safety.


What’s in season, when is it time to pick???   Keep an eye on the schedule page for updates.  


Blueberries you pick            OPEN   July 25 or so   -   Sept. 20  (most years)

Apples & Elderberries              Sept.   -  Oct. 20 or so

Bean Hole Beans off and on through the picking season. Call for schedule 

Christmas Holly, for decorating around the house          Nov 15 to Dec. 10    

We can also end Christmas Holly by Priority Mail if you like.


Plants are available

Apple trees                              Spring only

Blueberry and Holly               Spring and fall

We also handle Koppert, Bumble Bees, and supplies for your Blueberry bushes.

We offer a Blueberry / Apple / Gardening class in the spring. Normally the first Saturday in May. Check the schedule page to see which one we are doing this year. Please let us know if you plan to attend.




Circle B Farms is still taking orders for Blueberry Plants. $12.00 plus shipping for a 1 gal 2 year container plant, 6" to 16" tall depending on variety. Plants will be in for the spring. 

When ordering plants Email me at circlebfarms04@hotmail.com You must put 'Blueberry Plants' in the subject line or I may not open your mail. I will also need your Phone Number in your email, I will call you to take the order. We do take Visa - Master card & Debit. Just not on-line. Thank you

Circle B Farms



Get Healthy With Blueberries...

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Blueberries have been found to have one of the highest ORAC values of any food in the world. What does that mean? Well ORAC is a rating system for antioxidant power. Scientists look at how all the different phytochemicals and antioxidants in a given food perform together and then give an overall rating to the food based on its performance. Think of a sports team. A championship team doesn't win a championship just because it has good players. It becomes outstanding because of how well they work together as a group. The best teams are more than just the sum of their individual players. Well, it's the same thing with antioxidants. The ORAC rating looks at how well the antioxidants in a given food work together and how much protection and value they give you when taken as a group in that particular food. And one of the highest scorers of all time is blueberries. Blueberries are low in sugar. They're high in fiber. And research is constantly revealing their almost magical healing properties.