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IPM  (Integrated Pest Management) Is more than look before you spray.

Sometimes you need know what you are looking at.

Kill Deer eat many insects in the Blueberry field and can have two hatches in a single summer. They nest right in the ground between the plants in the row.


Some pests are bigger than others....

He will go away after a while.


All in all PIM will reduce the chemicals you use, keep you in tune with the birds and the bees. 

Aphids suck the sap from Blueberry plants.


Next time you see a farmer in the field with a sprayer remember, sometimes you need to spray.  All growers in Maine need to have a pesticide license before you can buy pesticides, and apply it to any crops.

Honey Bees are responsible for making 35% of the food we eat.

Honey bees come in a package, in the spring just in time to go to work on local blooms in the orchard.

Wild Bumble Bees help too!!

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