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New packing facility 2014

12 members in the packing crew can pack 1200 pints in 1 hour. All employees are GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) trained.

Food safety is our #1 priority.

New packing & storage facility built 2014.

Receiving door Freezer & Cooler.

Picked and packed in the same day by local people.

Some of the berries are picked by machine.

Packaged for local grocery stores and delivered the next day. Look for our Highbush Blueberries  from Fort Kent to Portland in over 60 grocery stores large and small. Fresh when in season, Frozen all winter long.

As a commercial grower it is important to have the capacity to pick large volumes of berries fast in order to deliver to our larger state wide wholesale accounts.

Most of our berries are hand picked by local crews.

When the weather becomes an issue sometimes, we need to speed things up

With our continued growth we need trucks to get our delicious vegetables from our farm to your local grocery store!

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