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At circle B Farms we take food safety very serious for your health and ours.

Sorry, NO PETS in the Blueberry field or Apple orchard during the harvest season. We are GAP certified and USDA inspected. This means we need to keep the fields clean, and ecoli free for your health & safety.

In order for us to sell too many of our larger state wide accounts we need to be GAP certified. That is (Good Agriculture Practices) All employees take and understand Food Safety Training and the Worker Protection Training before they can start working at Circle B Farms.
This is an annual inspection and training:

This training program and the rules set forth are to help prevent any of the food borne illness issues that can result in you or someone in your family from getting sick from a food borne pathogen, that can cause the food recalls like we see on TV.

You can rest assured that Circle B Farms does all we can to provide safe and healthy products for you to enjoy.  You Pick at the farm or if you purchase our products fresh or frozen at a store in southern Maine.
In short, food safety is just good business!  

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